How to hide stock apps on your iPhones and iPads

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How to hide stock apps on iPhone and iapd

Like all other Smartphones and Tablets, iPhones and iPads also come with some preinstalled applications that we don’t use. You can’t even uninstall them, but we have found a way to hide those apps. This way, the applications will be hidden, and you won’t have to look at it all the time.

How to hide stock apps on your iPhones and iPads

  • Put all the apps you want to hide in one folder. You may name the folder if you want to, but it’s optional. You want to hide one or multiple, it doesn’t matter, you need to put it in a folder
  • Now go inside the folder, and hold any of those app you want to remove to enable Wiggle mode
  • Wiggle mode should still be active, now hold one app and move it to another page. Release your Finger, so the app is alone now on the next page, and rest of the apps left in the first page
  • Wiggle mode should still be active. Now hold the same app, and drag it to the third page (till right edge). Don’t release the finger, you will see 3 dots at the bottom, and the third dot should be highlighted, that means you are on third page. Still hold the app, don’t let go
  • Drag the app to the center of the the same page (third page), don’t release finger, press the home button while holding the app. It will disappear
  • You can hide rest of the in the same way

Note : If you want to get those back back in place, just restart the phone. Whether you want or not it will appear automatically after a reboot. So every time you restart your Phone, you need to hide it manually.

Watch this demo video to know how to hide iPhone’s Stock Apps