How to get new paid apps for free everyday for iOS

Paid premium Apps free for iPhones and ipads

Apple store is full of various applications, and many of them are not free. Like Android, you can’t download the app from internet browser and install on your iOS device. However, you can still get the paid premium apps for free on your iOS device, like iPhones or iPads.

App developers allow users to download paid apps for free now and then. So when an app goes free for a limited time, you can install then. Now there could be only one problem; how to know which app has gone free?

There are 2 ways to know what apps have gone free

Number 1, may take more time to find

You can google it everyday, and check various blogs to know what apps have gone free today. This may consume lots of your time, and make you frustrated.

Number 2, the best and easy way

You can download this free app, and check just once everyday. This is a great app to find out which apps have gone free. They update it everyday. All the apps listed there are ad-free.

The app has one more good thing in it. When you launch the app first time, it asks your region to show the relevant app, because some apps are not available everywhere.

This app also has one great feature “App Bump” for App developers. If you have made a good app and it’s not getting users’ attention, you can use App Bump feature to ask them to list your app. It can only be done if you intend to make it free even for a day. They get back to the developer.

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