How To Get Free Followers On Instagram: 8 Tips that Actually Work

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Instagram is an important social media and influence marketing channel in 2020. It has over 1 billion monthly active users, and 95 million photos and videos uploaded on it. How to get more followers and expand your influence, it’s the first topic for business, brands, and influencers.

Here you will find 8 tips that actually work.

1.Use different effects and sizes to your photo

Make your photos attractive and let people share. Edit it and use filters & effects with photo editing software before uploading. Try different sizes that best suit your photo’s topic. Don’t forget to make the photo high-definition.

2. Make a call to action or question caption

Tell people what do they should do after viewing your post. It can increase the follow/like chance. You can use these types of sentences:-

  1. Click the link to learn more!
  2. Follow us to keep you update!
  3. Any other fashion tips you’d like to learn?

3.Share your Instagram profile to other SNS platforms

Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Social Media to promote. Don’t ignore the chance to get more impressions on your Instagram?

4.Learn from your competitors

Learn what value do they propose for their profile, how do they interact with followers, what posts can get the most likes, and from them you can get new ideas. Also, think about what advantages/disadvantages do you have to optimize your Instagram strategy.

5.Make your post brief

Don’t use too many words for a photo. It’s not an instruction book. People are afraid of tedious things that are hard to understand.

6.Mark location of your photo

Always mark location, especially if you have a shop, so people can find you when they search the nearby places.

7.Post frequently and in a fixed time

People’s attention is the most expensive thing in 2020 and lack of update causes your followers to go away. Besides, what time is your audience most active and check their Instagram? Make it clear and make a timetable for your post.

8.Use GetInsta

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Get Insta

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