How to Get an Accurate Internet Speed Test

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It may often seem to you that the internet is too slow, although the provider claims that the speed corresponds to the contract. How to verify the veracity of these assurances? We live in the age of speed. Constantly somewhere in a hurry, we catch up and do not always have time. The internet certainly can help us a lot. Only if the connection is weak, sometimes we lose our balance, because time is money. Knowing how to check the speed of the Internet – you can improve your internet connection. After all, many factors affect the downloading and browsing.

Unfortunately, your Internet Service Provider may not always measure and show accurate internet speed. So you have to rely on a third-party internet speed measurement tool that analyses various aspects and then show the most accurate result. This way you can perform the latency test and measure download as well as upload speed of your internet connection more accurately.

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When measuring speed, it is worth bearing in mind the following facts:

1. Most of the online speed tests on the Internet do not provide accurate speed values. There are no ideal conditions and sometimes the measurement error is sometimes not just great, it makes the measurements completely untrue.

2. The most technologically correct test is to install the iPerf program on test nodes and drive traffic between them. This test gives the most correct values, but unfortunately, it is more difficult to implement, which means it is not suitable as a rapid test.

3. Measuring the speed within the network of the provider usually shows a speed greater than specified in the tariff. In the external network, speed will be lower. This is due to the peculiarities of the organization of the providerĂ­s billing. Moreover, the telecom operator itself is interested in this, since it contributes to the development of the internal network through file sharing between subscribers.

4. It is desirable that the number of intermediate nodes between the test points is as small as possible. Each intermediate point can decrease speed several times due to possible problems on communication channels or due to an overload of intermediate routers.

Here are four rules that you must follow to more accurately measure the speed of the Internet:

1. Always reboot the modem and router

Restarting the device is this standard first step, usually offered to solve almost any technical problem, especially important for routers and high-speed digital modems. Tiny computers that perform serious functions, such as ensuring that all types of traffic from all your fixed and mobile devices connected to the Internet are correctly routed. Like desktops or smartphones, they eventually start to falter. This is manifested in the slow loading of web pages or “slowing down” streaming video. Therefore, a reboot assists the device to come back to a working state in a short time

2. Other works should not be done using the same connection while testing the speed

You yourself probably guessed this most important rule. Obviously, a dozen open web pages on a computer will distort the measurement results, but also make sure that all other programs and devices using the Internet are turned off. Here are some examples: music services running in the background, automatic downloading of patches via Windows Update, streaming TV on the TV in the next room, etc.

Do not forget about mobile devices. Most smartphones, detecting a wireless network, automatically connect to it. Therefore, for the duration of the test, put your favorite gadget into flight mode (unless you use it to measure the speed of the Internet). When you are not sure if a device is currently using the Internet, it is best to turn it off before taking measurements.

3. Don’t forget to clear your browserĂ­s cache

Another reasonable action to take before testing the speed of the Internet connection is to clear the browser cache. And you should do it every time you want to make several measurements in a row. Almost all the sites perform the task by downloading multiple files, calculate the time taken and finally find the speed of the internet connection.

Therefore, if you perform the test several times in a row, each subsequent result may be distorted, as these files remain on your computer after the previous test (i.e. they are cached).

Obviously, you can skip this step if you use a special application or other (not browser) method to check the speed of the Internet.

4. Use HTML5 based services

Last but not least, use HTML5-based Internet speed measurement services. Experts believe that tests based on Flash technology have an error of up to 40% and flash is also becoming obsolete. We recommend using Fast.Com to test internet speed that is based on HTML 5 components and show an accurate result. It also works on mobile devices.

Conclusion: Remember that no test is perfect

With the help of the above tips, you will be able to minimize the errors in measuring the speed of the Internet connection, which will assist a lot for the increment of the accuracy in the internet speed test. However, keep in mind that you will get a quick assessment of the quality of the current connection between your device and the testing server. That is, you will have a general idea of how fast (or slow) your Internet is, but that does not mean that the same amount of bandwidth will be maintained when you connect between your device and any other point on the network.

Hope you liked the article on how to get an accurate internet speed in the internet speed test. We hope that the provided methods and the online speed test site assisted you quite well. Have a great internet speed and a pleasant time ahead! If you have any methods, feel free to leave the comments below.