How to force an application or a file to remove from Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows-8-and -Windows-7

If you use a Windows OS, you must be getting frustrated sometimes when you install some apps, as it forces the computer to install some unwanted apps that you really don’t need and changes the browsers settings as well. We normally change the browser settings manually, but some stupid apps can’t be uninstalled easily. You keep on selecting the app and try to uninstall, but it doesn’t even respond.

Some of them are wise enough to go to the C: drive, and uninstall the program files and folder and then Uninstall it from Windows Uninstaller. That’s a good trick, but sometimes the app files in the hard drive doesn’t get removed, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, nothing happens. That’s little tricky.

Here are the tips what you need to do to uninstall an unwanted app from Windows 7 and Windows 8 if the Windows Uninstalled doesn’t allow to remove it.

** Start the computer in safe mode: You need to shut down the system (computer/laptop), and then press the power button to start, but here you need to press the key that will allow you to start the windows in safe mode. Different computers have different keys to get the Safe Mode option. In my case, F8 worked. Once you get the Safe Mode option select that, and then press Enter.

start windows in safe mode

Please note that: Starting the windows in safe mode disables many apps and driver drivers (even the graphic driver from intel) of the computer and it starts in its basic mode, and you might see the big fonts. Don’t worry about it, once you are done with the process, and then you can restart the computer normally and get back everything you had.

Once the system is turned on in safe mode, you can try to uninstall once again. If it works that’s fine, else follow these process:

** Go to: My Computer–> C: Drive–> Program Files (X86)

** Find the folder of the application (generally the folder would be named as Application name).

** Try to remove the delete the folder permanently with Shift+Del key. if it works, that’s good. After removing the folder, you can uninstall the folder easily (or you might not even see the app in the uninstaller once that folder is removed).

If you are unable to remove the folder, you need to get inside the folder and delete all files manually. If you any of the file doesn’t allow you to delete them, you need to follow these process:

** Click the right button of the mouse on the file, and select properties. Make sure you are in the general tab of the property.

** Click on Advanced option.

** You need to uncheck the box of this option: “Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.”

** Confirm it clicking on OK.

You can remove any files on Windows PC using this method (this method force the WIndows to delete the files). Make sure, you delete the files of the right folder, else it might be make some apps not to work.

changing file properties option in Windows

changing advanced option of file properties

Once you delete the app files, you can open the Windows Uninstaller and then uninstall the app (if it still shows there). That will work for sure.

Now restart the system normally (doesn’t need to press any key now). The app is removed. 🙂

If you face any problem, Please comment here or contact us. I would try my best to reply you ASAP.

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