How to fix error 961 when installing an application on Android device

Android users always have a benefit that they can download so many applications from Google play stores as well as third party sources for free. There are paid apps as well, but most of the apps are free. Although the process of application installation is simple, sometimes we can suffer an error that prevents us from installing an application.

One of the most known error while installing an application from errors Google Play Store is the Error 961. It’s a bug that brings headaches for many users, but the solution to this error is very simple.


error 961

First we close the error message we receive when trying to install an app. Then navigate to the main screen of your device and access the list of applications. We need to enter the setting (gear icon) option of the mobile.

Once inside we must tap on “Application Manager or Apps.” In this section we will see the list all the applications that we have installed on our terminal.

We must find the application named as “Google Play Store” which appears accompanied by the icon of a shopping bag with play icon.

Now, tap on Google Play Store and it will open a new windows with the app detail.

Tap on two buttons now: first on the option “Clear Data” and confirm it, then on the button “Clear Cache” and confirm it. Sometimes after tapping on clearing data, clear cache will be disabled itself. So don’t worry about it.

With this procedure we will be cleaning up all the data of this particular application. Now, exit the setup screen (returning to the main screen of the terminal), enter the Google Play Store and try to download the application again. You will no longer receive an error message.

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