How to Fix Android OS App Crashing Issue

Android OS app crashing issue

Android users have increased too fast, now most of the smartphones are Android. Users can install so may apps and games, and they do enjoy using them. But what happens when your mobile apps starts crashing? You start think how to fix Android OS app crashing issues? It’s really annoying when you are using the internet browser and it crashes,isn’t it? This is what happening with some users who installed the latest update of Android System Webview, released last week.

Google keeps on releasing Android updates, and last week released an update to Android System Webview, and then the Android OS app crashing issue started. If you are encountering the same issue, don’t get tensed. Fix for the Android OS App crashing issue is simple. All you need to do is uninstall the uninstall the Android System Webview update.

Here is the instruction how you can uninstall the Android System Webview Update:

1) Go to the application manager

2) Find the Android System Webview, and tab on that

3) Now tap on uninstall and confirm it

4) Restart your mobile

That was all, and now the Android OS App Crashing issue should be fixed.

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