How to Extend Windows XP Support Until 2019 Using Registry Hack?

Windows XP support extend until 2019

Microsoft Windows XP has died, but not for business. Want Security Update for Windows XP until April 2019 POSReady?
There are certain companies, organizations, and governments that enjoy extended support until April 2019. Security updates are very important to prevent attacks.

How can you access these updates and extended support? With a simple change to registry file. The version with extended support, also called POSReady, is based on Windows XP Service Pack 3, and it only work if you have 32-bit system.

Please make a backup first because if something wrong happens, you can restore it and won’t lose any data. All you’ll have to do is add an entry to the registry with the following detail:

You need to open notepad, and type the whole thing mentioned in the below picture:

Windows XP registry hack

Once you type that, you need to save the file with the extension “.reg.” For ex: you can name the file “xp.reg.” Make sure you do it, else .txt file is useless for this purpose.

Once you save the file, you need to run it. You are all done now. Now, you can check for the Windows update, and you will get it for sure.

Unfortunately, this process is not going to work on Windows XP 64-bit system. If you own a 64-bit system, you can visit this URL, this might help:

Well, the support has been extended at costs and according to The Guardian, UK Government paid $5.5 million to extend the XP support for one year so that public sectors in the UK can get enough time to switch/upgrade to different OS, and Netherlands and some other countries also made some deal with Microsoft to extend the support.

Note: This hack is knows by Microsoft, and Microsoft warned that installing the updates might cause trouble and system malfunction. Microsoft explained that the security update will be issued for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Embedded customer, and it’s not going to protect Windows XP users.



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