How to estimate Uber Taxi Fare by tweet?

Estimate Uber Taxi Fare by tweet

Uber already has its mobile app to estimate taxi fare and book the taxi, and you can even pay using the app. However, you can also estimate the fair by tweet. All you need to type “simple english,” and the Uber bot Calculates all.

How to estimate Uber Taxi Fare by tweet?

You need to tweet in this format : @whatthefare taxi fare from <Pick-up location> to <drop-off location>

ex: You are in the UK, and your pick-up point is “Enfield” and drop-off point is “Harrow”, you will tweet this : “ Taxi fare from Enfield to Harrow

How to estimate Uber Taxi Fare by tweet?

You can see in the screenshot that the bot tells you the estimated price as well as taxi type available to travel. It also provides a link at the end that will take you to the Uber app (if installed) or the website. You can simply click on the link, and follow the process to book the taxi as you normally do.

@WhatTheFare is a bot that estimate Uber Taxi Fare by tweet, and it doesn’t matter where you stay. It works worldwide and always shows the currency according to the place you are travelling. If you estimate the taxi fare for Unites States cities, it would show in USD. In the same way, when you estimate for Indian cities, it will show in Indian Rupees.

When you estimate Uber taxi fare by tweet, the bot usually replies in a minute, but sometimes it’s extremely slow. I tried a couple of times, and sometimes it took as long as 5 minutes. May be, it’s still in the developing phase, and should work fast soon.

** Did you know the Uber is the market leader worldwide as far as Online Cab Aggregator is concerned, however Uber owns no Taxi.  Uber invites people to drive for Uber using their own car.

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