How to enable or disable Auto-Brightness on Mac

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If you are new to Mac, it might be difficult to find settings and sometimes you may end up assuming a feature as a bug. If your MacBook or iMac’s display’s brightness increases or decreases automatically, it’s not a bug but the feature that people rarely use on a computer. This feature works well on mobile devices. So you can turn it off if you want or turn it back on if you want to enable.

How to Turn on or Off Auto-Brightness Feature on Mac?

  • Launch System Preferences App on Mac. If you are not sure where to find, just click on the Apple logo in the corner of the menu bar and then select System Preferences.
  • Now you need to select Display option.
  • Make sure you are under the Display Tab and you can now enable or disable Automatically Adjust Brightness option by ticking or unticking the given option.