How to enable Java Script on iPhones or any iOS device

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There are some websites that don’t load properly when Java Script is disabled on your smartphone. However, iPhone users can quickly enable it for Safari Browser. Along with enabling Java Script, you can do much more, like viewing saved password, enabling or disabling cookies, changing Safari’s favorite screen etc.. Let’s learn each of them.

How to enable Java Scrip on iPhones or iPads

  • Go to iPhone’s Settings
  • Tap on Safari, and then Advanced
  • Now you can enable or disable Java Script

Note : Many Internet Banking websites don’t let you login unless Java Script is enabled. So you can try turning it on if you are unable to login or not getting login option on Internet Baking website.

How to enable/disable or manage Cookies permission on iPhones and iPads

  • Open iPhone’s Settings App
  • Tap on Safari, and then tap Block Cookies
  • Now you can choose one from the given option. You can choose to accept cookies from those websites that you often visit, or allow for all websites and blogs. You can also block cookies.

How to view saved password (Safari) on iPhones and iPads

  • Go to iPhone’s Settings
  • Tap on Safari
  • Tap on Password
  • You will require touch ID or Password to authenticate, and then you can See the saved passwords

There are many other things that you can enable/disable or change from Settings –> Safari

  • You can change default Search Engine
  • Turn on/off Safari suggestions, Auto fill for Name, Password and Credit Card
  • Change Safari Home Screen what you want to see as Favorite Screen
  • Change the way a new link open (New Tab or Background)
  • Enable or Disable Pop-ups
  • Clear history and Website Data if you are running out of memory. If you watch a lot of video on safari, it may have consumed so much memory
  • Enable/Disable Cellular Data usage for Safari

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