How to embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint and Keynote

First of all, who have not heard about Keynote, let us tell you what it is. Keynote is an App that has been built for Mac OS X. It does the same job Powerpoint does. It has the ability to read, edit and save the file in both formats; PPT and .Keynote. You can learn here; how to create a Windows-compatible file on Mac.

Powerpoint or Keynote presentation has an important role in various fields, Whether its Educational or Corporate world. Today we will learn how to embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint or Keynote presentation. You can embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 as well as 2016, but the process may vary depending on the version you are using.

How to embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint 2016, 2013 and 2010

If you have PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 installed on your computer, you can easily do this without any help of third party software or add-in. Follow these steps to do that;

  • Open Microsoft Powerpoint application
  • Select the slide where you want to insert YouTube Video
  • Click on Insert
  • Click on Video
  • Now click Online Video. If you are using Powerpoint 2010 or 2013 and not getting this option, you must install this office update.

Insert YouTube Video in Powerpoint

  • Now you have the option to Add video from YouTube, or just paste the embed code
  • Now type the video name you want to add, and it will search YouTube. Once you find your desired YouTube. Select it, and click insert.
  • If you want to use the embed code, You need to visit YouTube website, look for the video, Play it, scroll down, and click on Share, click on Embed, copy embed code, and go back to Powerpoint, Paste the embed code where it says “From a Video Embed Code.” Insert it.

How to embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint

Embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint 2003 and 2007

Unfortunately, older version of Powerpoint doesn’t have the option to embed YouTube video, but there are still ways to do that.

  • Download free add-in for Powerpoint 2003 and 2007 from herePlease download the correct version as 2003 and 2007 both have separate links

YouTube plug in for Powerpoint 2003 and 2007

  • Once downloaded extract the file and Follow these steps

In Powerpoint 2003

  • Go to Powerpoint App (Launch it if is not)
  • Click on Tools –> Add-ins –> Add New
  • Now locate the folder where the extracted file is
  • Select YouTubeVideo.ppa
  • Select Enable Macros
  • If it is successfully added, you will see tick on it
  • close it now

In Powerpoint 2007

  • Launch Powerpoint app
  • Click on Office/Powerpoint icon (located the top left corner)
  • Click on PowerPoint Options –> Add-ins
  • Select PowerPoint Add-ins from Drop Down Box and Click on Go
  • Click on Add New
  • Now locate the folder where you extracted the downloaded ZIP File
  • Select YouTubeVideo2k7.ppa
  • Select Enable Macros
  • There will be a tick mark on it if you did it correctly
  • Click on close now

Once the add-in is successful added, when you click on Insert, you will see YouTube Video icon as shown in the below image. Now follow these steps to embed YouTube video in PowerPoint 2003 and 2007

Add YouTube Video in Powerpoint

  • Go to
  • Browse the file you want to add, and click on it to play
  • Copy the video URL, but make sure you copy it correctly. For Example, I click on an Album and the first song that will play is “Just give me a reason by Pink.” Browser showing the URL as, but this URL will not word. Please remove &list=RDOpQFFLBMEPI#t=0 as this indicates the album, and it will not allow the video to play. So you need to copy this
  • Now go back to Powerpoint
  • Click on Insert –> YouTube Video
  • You may see an informative dialogue box, just tick Don’t show this page again and click on Next
  • Paste the Video URL you just copied, and Click Next
  • Select the option Play, Loop etc..
  • Now Click on Next
  • You can select the video size, but this can also be done later using mouse pointer, Click on Next now
  • Now Click on Finish

There is one dark side of this process

It will play video only if the computer the connected to the Internet. If you are showing presentation somewhere without internet connectivity or the connection is not fast enough to Play YouTube video, it will be useless. In Such case, you need to follow these steps

How to embed YouTube in Powerpoint and Mac’s Keynote for offline access

keynote in Mac doesn’t have any option to embed YouTube video, so you have only one option to do that. Download YouTube Video, and insert it in Presentation slide.

Once the video is downloaded, follow these instructions;

Keynote Users

  • Drag and Drop the video in a slide. Or you can click on Insert –> Choose –> now select the file, and click Insert

Powerpoint users

  • Drag and Drop the video. Or Click on Insert –> Movie –> Movie from file now select the video file, and click Insert
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