How to disable self-correction/auto-correction in Android

The Android operating system comes with a standard keyboard that allows us to enter text on mobile through the screen. Usually this keyboard is configured to correct your sentence if you misspell a word. This is very useful if you are writing normal English without the short form, but sometimes it’s so annoying when you want to write in your local language or use the short form of something. This makes you to type slower.

Therefore, in this tutorial we will tell you how to set the self-corrector of the Android OS in order to have the keyboard set to your liking. The tutorial is primarily intended for the keyboard that comes standard enabled on smartphones with the Android operating system, but the steps to disable the self-correcting in other keyboards are similar. Here we go:

First and foremost we need to go to the settings of the mobile. To do this we can simply open the list of applications to find the small gear icon and tap on that.

Once inside, we must tap on the option “Language & keyboard” or “Language & input.” This option may appear under a different name depending on the operating system version you have installed.

Tapping on this option will open a new window with an extensive list of options. We must seek the appropriate option, and the title of this option also depends on the version of your operating system, you will most likely to find the option “auto-complete” or something that says “correction“. For ex: In my Sony Xperia SP (Android 4.3), after entering the language and input option, I get the option “Xperia Keyboard”  and at the right hand side of this option there is setting (gear icon). I tapped on that icon, and then “Text input settings” and “Word suggestions.” This gives me a pop-up with some option where I select “I don’t want any help when writing, not even suggestions.” That’s all! It’s turned off.

Android allow us to set different levels of accuracy in the self-correction function of receiving the help that we want to write from our device. While turning off the auto correction completely you get some other options as well what you can enable/disable. For ex: If you want to turn off/on the option that capitalize the first letter of a sentence, you can do it from here. So, look closely when you go to turn it off. Some other options might help as well.

Since each manufacturer has a different interface, ideally investigate thoroughly in this section on your mobile keyboard to get to know all the customization options you have on your device. Remember one more thing that Android operating system also have a variety of alternative keyboards that you can install on your terminal to replace the original keyboard.

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