How to disable next destination notification on an iPhone?

iPhone from the American manufacturer Apple incorporates a standard option that informs us the remaining distance to our house from the place where we are (whenever we are in a different location). This information appears as a notification in “Today” section on the top notification bar, and can become a completely irrelevant option in case you do not need to know constantly the distance.

Therefore, this time we will explain a simple step to disable this notification on an iPhone. The procedure for performing this action does not require any complex configuration and can be performed easily. You need to follow these steps:

The first thing to do is to access the settings of our iPhone. It can be recognized easily because it is represented by the gear icon in the menu, and is located next to the rest of our mobile applications.

Once inside, the next thing we have to do is enter the “Notification Center” section which appears accompanied by a small gray icon with a square inside. Then we should find an option called “Next Destination” which appears under the “Today View” section.

Now you can see whether it’s turned on or off. The only thing we do is to disable it.


In this same section we can also enable/disable other options, for example: Today Summary (the section that shows the current temperature and maximum temperature), calendar day view, reminders etc.

In this way we, have can completely disable such notifications. Remember that this is only one of many options that is enabled on all iPhone without their owners permission, and you won’t stop unless you do it. One of the best examples of this constant location of the user is the option of frequent locations , although others such as the location in the photographs are not far behind as far as the user tracking is concerned. If you really want to control your privacy when using an iPhone or an iPad, it is essential to know the functions of the options in detail that are related to the location of the terminal.

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