How to create your own beautiful Photography Blog quickly

Create your own beautiful Photography Blog

Creating a photography blog is not a big deal these days. There are various platforms that Photographers use, like WordPress, Joomla etc.. However, you need to add your best photos manually, that waste lots of your time. Some Photographers also use Facebook, Flickr or Instagram to upload their photos. It’s easy to upload your photos there, but when you are asked to show your best photos, you get lost among so many photos you have uploaded. This is where Siftr can help you.

Siftr is an online tool that helps to create your own beautiful photography blog without any technical or web designing knowledge. It allows to link FaceBook, Instagram as well as Flickr account. Registration is very simple that we would tell.

How to build your own beautiful Photography blog quickly

  • You need to visit
  • Click on Create My Website
  • Choose any of one from given options; Link My Flickr Account, Link My Instagram Account or Link My FaceBook Page
  • Siftr will seek access to your photos from social media account, that you need to allow
  • Now you will be asked to enter your email address, please do that
  • You will get a link via email within a minute
  • Now click that link
  • You have successfully created your Photography Blog

It will display your best photos as slideshow, and you can switch to gallery view by clicking a small icon with four square (located at the bottom left corner). It will detect your best photos automatically and show there. You can add or remove your best photos as well to make your photography blog more attractive and appealing.

How to edit your best photos in Siftr (Add or Remove), Link your website or change appearance

  • Visit your photography blog you created with Siftr. For example :
  • Make sure /#/Portfolio is there in the end of the URL, else login option will not be visible
  • Now click on small icon with three small horizontal line (located at the top left corner)
  • Click on login
  • Choose to login with FaceBook, Instagram or Flickr (Choose the same social media account you created your account with)
  • Once logged in, Click on Edit
  • Here you can add or remove your best photos from the portfolio, and can also create a new gallery
  • If you have a website that you want to link to Siftr
  •  Click Personalize –> Click Settings –> Enter Website URL –> Click Connect, and then follow instruction
  • To change Appearance Click Personalize –> Click Appearance, and select desired appearance

Now you have your own Photography Blog that will keep showing your best photos as and when you upload them on Social Media. However, don’t miss to check if it is really showing the best or there is any issue. You can also add or remove best photos from library, as we already mentioned earlier.

Best of luck!

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