How to create sitemap for wordpress blogs in few steps?

sitemap creating for wordpress blog on technotrigger

Creating the sitemap for any WordPress blog is so easy. WordPress is the most popular platform to design a website, because it has lots of options for customization, and you don’t even need any programming knowledge. There are various tools to customize blog, and if you don’t find something suitable, you can always look for WordPress plugins within your blog’s admin panel.

So the sitemap for your WordPress blog can be created using the plugins as well. You don’t need to visit any website to create the sitemap. The sitemap URL looks like this: Here is the step by step guide to create sitemap for a WordPress blog.

First of all, you need to sign in to the Admin Panel of your WordPress blog.

Now click on Plugins, then click on Add New to add a new plugins.

Type Google Sitemap in search box and hit Enter. (There are many plugins to create sitemap, but this is awesome).

Now click on Install Now button.


Google Site map for wordpress


Click on Activate Plugin.


Activating Google Site Map in wordpress


Once you activate the plugin, you will be taken to the Plugins page automatically where you will see all the plugins you have installed. Now look for Google Sitemap plugin what you have installed right now. Now, click on Settings


Google Sitemap Settings


Once you click on Settings, you will get another page which will have some options. Make sure you are in Settings tab, and need to do the way it is in below screenshot. Some options are disabled for free version, though it’s enough because we don’t really do many complicated things with Sitemap. Select the option according to your requirement, and finally click on Save changes.


creating sitemap for wordpress blog using google sitemap


Once done, you can check your site’s URL adding /sitemap.xml in the end of the URL to check if it is working. (ex:

This sitemap can also be submitted to Google Webmaster tool directly from here putting the Google ID and Password (if you have already configured webmaster tool and added this domain name there), but sometimes it doesn’t work for security reason, and automatic submission will never work for those who have already opted Google’s 2 step verification. So the sitemap can be submitted manually in Google Websmaster tool.

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