How to Create .DOCX “MS Word Compatible” File on Mac with Pages

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Pages Application on Mac allows creating documents that works similarly to Microsoft Word application. Pages application comes with many templates that can help you create a Book, Certificate, Resume, etc. quickly. When you save the file it is saved with .pages extension. Such files cannot be opened on Windows Laptop or even on Mac if the Pages app is missing. Most of the offices use Windows PC and many Mac users also install MS Word application on their MacBook, MacPro or iMac. So it may be a better idea to save the file with .DOCX extension. This way you can send anyone and they will be able to read it. However, the point is how you can do it on Mac? Let’s find out.

Saving the File with .DOCX extension Mac with Pages App

  • Launch the Pages Application
  • Create the Document normally as you do
  • Click on File Option in the Menu bar
  • Click on Export To option and select Word
  • Then follow the Screen prompt where you will be if you want to Password Protect it. Do it or not, it’s up to you, then select Next and now you will need to type any name and select location where the file will be saved. Finally, click on the Export button to save.