Converting Babel to JavaScript in a Click to Make it Run Within Browser

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JavaScript brings many changes with new updates. Some codes written to be compatible with ES6 cannot be compatible with ES5. Babel on the other hand cannot be understood by the Web Browser directly. Web browsers only understand JavaScript and it needs some work to do that will compile your Babel Script and Convert them into JavaScript before the webpage load. You have to follow their documentation and run some scripts and create some files to make your hosting compatible to use Babel Script.

Why Babel is Needed?

It is needed to help those running the old version of the browser or those who cannot upgrade their system to run a modern browser. Babel makes those old browser run model JavaScript.

Well, that sounds like lots of work for those who don’t really care much about old browsers. So if are among them and have some Babel Script that you want to convert to JavaScript. Here is a simple once click to that you need to follow.

How to Convert Babel to JS

Use this Converter tool to convert in one click.

  • Visit our newly created Babel to Js Converter tool page. (Babel JS Compiler to generate browser-compatible JS).
  • Copy your Babel Script and Paste on the left side
  • That’s it. Now you have the Normal JavaScript code on the right that you can copy and replace your Babel Script