How to connect a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to a TV

connect galaxy tab to a tv

Among the many technical specifications of the Galaxy tab, we always find the function to connect to a TV. This allows you to see all of its contents, such as photos and videos on a much bigger screen and share as well with a certain group of people. However, it is not always so clear process to follow. I am going to explain how to connect a Galaxy Tablet to a TV.

There are several methods and all depend on the type of TV you have at home. If you have a normal TV, other than a Smart TV, you can tablet through an HDMI cable ( High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable). This cable can transmit video and audio digitally and is available at any computer store. Its price varies depending on its quality, for example: You can find it for $10 and it might cost $100 as well. This tremendous price difference is explained by the length of the cables as well as the material they are made.

However, if we want to stream video and audio from a tablet we can buy the cheapest one as we, only need a short HDMI cable (1.5 meters) and that is not composed of materials such as gold, as the cable length is not enough to need such materials in its transmission. All you have to consider while purchasing, in this case, opt for the version 1.3 if you only want to stream videos or 1.4 if we are interested in transmitting 3D.

Once purchased the HDMI cable, you need to purchase the adapter that would connect the Galaxy tablet with HDMI cable. This will require a 30-Pin Adapter to HDMI for Samsung , the price of this adapter varies as well. You can find it on Amazon store even in $7 and more. Finally, connect the HDMI cable to the adapter and the other end to the TV. This way we can connect our Galaxy tablet to a TV.

If by chance, we have a smart TV at home, there are other ways to view the contents of a Galaxy tablet or even a smartphone from Samsung. With the availability of the AllShare connectivity in Samsung device, we can easily share the contents of the tablet and / or smartphone on the screen of a Smart TV and even use your phone as a remote control.

To do this, the first thing we do is connect our Smart TV to the Internet either via cable or WiFi connection, and select the “application AllShare” on our device. Now you will see the option “play file on another device”, you need to click on that, select the file you want to share and click on “Add to playlist” and the device will start searching for the Smart TV, when you find your signal, select it. This way we can see the contents of the device on the TV.

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