How to block or unblock a number on iPhone or Filter Unknown Senders

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There are times when you need to block a number to stop messages and calls from that particular number. It’s easy and quick to do, but you may have some difficulty if you don’t know what you are exactly doing.


  • Blocking a number on social messaging app doesn’t block the number from calling you.
  • In the same way, blocking a number on iPhone contact doesn’t block it to send you message on some social messaging apps, like WhatsApp.

How to block a number if you don’t want to receive call, text or MMS any more

If you want to get rid of annoying phone calls from a particular number, you can block it by following these process on your iPhone

If the number is saved in Contacts

  • Tap on Phone App on iPhone
  • Tap on Contacts
  • Tap on any contact you want to block
  • At the top, you will find the option “Block this Caller”, tap on this option, and you are done

If you just received a call and want to block (number is not saved)

  • Tap on Phone app
  • Tap on Recents
  • Tap on “(i)” sign for the call you just received ( i actually appears in round circle)
  • Scroll down, and tap on Block this Caller. Done!

If you received a text (SMS) and want to block sender

  • Open text message that you just received
  • Tap on Details
  • Tap on “(i) sign
  • Scroll down and tap on Block this Caller

You will no longer receive calls, text (SMS) or MMS from that particular number

How to block all unknown senders to stop receiving text SMS or MMS

  • Tap on Settings on your iPhone
  • Tap on Messages
  • Scroll down and Enable the option “Filter Unknown Senders”

Now you will no longer receive any SMS or MMS from unknown senders, but your will keep receiving Messages WhatsApp.

How to Block a number to stop receiving messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp seems to have a separate block list that don’t communicate with iPhone’s own block list. So you need to do separately on WhatsApp. Follow these process to do that

Note : The number you want to block must be saved in contact. If it is not, you need to save it first.

  • Tap on WhatsApp to launch the app
  • Tap on Settings (a gear icon)
  • Tap on Account, and then tap Privacy
  • Now tap on Blocked
  • Tap on Add New
  • Select the contact you want to block, and it’s done

Note : When you receive a new message on WhatsApp, it also gives you the option to block or report Spam. You can do it directly from the message screen without going to settings.

How to unblock a contact on iPhone

For WhatsApp

  • Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone
  • Tap on Gear icon (Settings)
  • Select Account, tap on Privacy 
  • Tap on Blocked, and tap Edit
  • Now Select Minus Sign (-), tap Unblock
  • You can block one or multiple contacts this way, and tap Done finally to save the setting

For SMS, MMS and Calls

  • Launch iPhone’s Settings app
  • Tap on Phone or Messages (both will do the same job)
  • Tap on Blocked
  • Now Tap Edit
  • Tap on Minus (-) sign, Select Unblock
  • Finally tap on Done when you are done blocking one or multiple contacts
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