How much social media affects the sales of products?

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We all know that social media affects the sales of any product, but to what extent? Social media has an important role in advertising the product, and this is why Facebook, twitter and other social media networks are earning a huge fortune via ads or premium services. Many users buy products via the social media (whether click in ad or go to check reviews before they buy).

Social media got stronger along with the smartphone usage, and the number of users have increasing as well. It doesn’t matter what we search on the internet, but we go social media site many times in a day. We post, share and click on ads as well if we like.

I am going to share an infographic which will tell you how much social media networks affect the sale of products OR the buying process by consumers.



** Please note that this infographic is not the property of Geek Retreat and we don’t have any copyright. The sources of the infographic is already mentioned on it.