How many Players does Game Center have ?

Have you ever wondered how many users Play Games on Apple Mobile Devices and Mac ? Well, this is something no one can exactly tell, but I can tell you how many users Apple’s Game Center has. Having an account and playing game is two different things.

Apple Game Center has over 417 million users. Game Center is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch as well as Mac. But so many devices don’t mean so many users, because one account (iCloud) is used on all the devices. Well, there are many users who Play Game once in a blue moon, but I expect that Game Center Still counts those users.

If you are in a puzzle how I got that figure, let me tell you. Follow these steps to check it yourself

Launch the Game Center App on Your iOS Device

Launch Game Center

Tap on Friends

Tap on Friends in game center

Tap on Points tab, and you can see the number of players

See whole Game Center Players

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