How does internet makes you earn or lose?

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earning from internet

Internet has become our need, and we can’t even imagine our lives without internet. It doesn’t matter what work you do, and where you work from, but the internet is a crying need. It’s not only about work, but now internet has the most important role in education as well. You can’t complete your education if you are attending any distance learning or online program. At present, internet can make you earn as well as lose your business. Let’s know how does it affect our business or job?

If we talk about SEO or blogging job, people work in offices as well as at home. Most of the people love to work on their own, so they do freelancing. If you are doing freelancing, you need to be available online to reply your clients. If you reply all your mail within 24 hrs that makes a good impression, but there are people who need reply earlier and if you don’t do they find someone else who can do the same job before you. Here, you lose business as well as further opportunity from this client. So, you should never ignore a mail and think that you would reply later. The best think you can do is, please add your client in the chat list for fast communication. Try to be in available mode as much as you can. This makes a good impression on client that you are available most of the time, and he/she can contact you easily. Some people have the habit of pinging now and then. Please avoid such thing, people are busy everywhere, and you might be bugging. Be professional with your client, else you might force your client to block you. You will be at loss.

Some companies provide services internationally, but they don’t have a call center in each and every country. Customers won’t call an international number to query, and they will rather look for another provider who can offer the same kind of service. Those service providers must have chat support option on their website, so the customers can contact from around the world and talk to them. You can never have happy customers if you can’t provide good customer service. Many people don’t like email support, because it consumes lots of time to get one reply. So, the best option is to provide 24X7 chat support. This is vital, because the different country has different time zone, and you can’t just provide support in office hours following your own time zone.

What do you think now? How the internet takes you away from your clients and business? Utilize the internet in proper way and be available to chat with your customers and clients. Sometimes we chat with multiple clients/customers at the same time, but make sure you reply properly. I made a mistake once, and I lost my client. I was chatting with two clients, and one of them needed information about gambling websites, and the other one was asking about finance related blogs. Well, I sent gambling detail to finance client, and he just got angry and never talked again. Some people might ignore, but some clients are too professional. So you need to take care of this, or you have better talk to one client at one time.