How do I change my Kabam or MCOC Summoner Name or User ID

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Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) and Transformers: Forged to Fight are popular action games played on Smartphones and Tablets. These games can be played without Kabam ID using Google or iCloud ID, but it will restrict you from switching smartphone or OS platform. For example, you cannot use the same ID when you switch from iPhone or Android or Android to iPhone, but you can use the same ID if you switching smartphone only that run the same operating system. This is why creating Kabam ID is better to be free from such issues.

Changing email address was always possible by contacting Kabam support team, but changing your user name or Summoner Name was allowed earlier. Now it can be done.

How to change my Kabam ID that I use to play Marvel Contest of Champions and Transformers: Forged to Fight game.

Note: You are allowed to change your ID once every 90 days. So choose an ID wisely. 

  • Visit this link to start the process
  • Select the game name from the drop-down what you play
  • Type Change of Summoner Name in the subject
  • Choose Other Game Issue as the category
  • Write a short description telling at least 3 possible Summoner name that you are okay with

change of id

  • That’s it. Now wait for Kabam email If you have provided the correct detail, it will be changed by Kabam and you will receive email confirmation. You may need to restart the game to see the new name. Please note that Kabam may ask you account related security question via email if they think of a fraud or have any doubt.