How Do I Block Other Websites from Using My Adsense Ad Codes

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When you look at your Adsense earning report, you will see many sites or sources that you don’t even know about. There are times when you also receive emails from Google that a page or site has been disabled from showing Adsense Ads. However, you don’t remember putting your Adsense Codes on those pages or sites. So how did it happen? Well, there isn’t a perfect answer for this. However, you should know that anyone can get your Adsense Ad codes or tags just by going to the page source of your website. So you have better put the restriction that those codes can be used only on your approved sites. So how do we do that? Let’s come to the point now.

How to Show Adsense Ads only on your Approved Sites or Disable other websites from using your Ad tags

It’s simple and easy to do. All you have to do is follow these quick steps that should not take longer than 5 mins. Here we go:-

  • Go to your Google Adsense Account and log in with your Google ID and Password (if you are not already logged in)
  • Now Click on the Settings option and then select My Sites

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  • Now you will see your sites there. Click on the arrow sign associated with each site. Click on that arrow sign and switch the Verified Button. All non-verified sites will have a switch in white color and the verified ones get the green switch. You should verify only those sites that you recognize

Now you will not receive any warning message from Google or Adsense team about those sites that you don’t recognize.

What will happen to those sites that are using your Adsense Ad Codes and you have not verified them?

Well, the ads will still show up there, but you will not receive any earning and advertisers will not be charged as well.