Heroes of Gaia, popular strategy game now available for iOS

Heroes of Gaia, the popular strategy game for web browsers now makes the leap to iOS, knows the developments that integrates this proposal of Snail Games.

It was announced earlier but now Heroes of Gaia available finally, after a long wait of six months for all iOS devices. This is a strategy old school game with a shift system that exploits the strengths of current technology to bring this adventure to our mobile devices. Heroes of Gaia is a production that already has some time as a popular alternative, within competed MMO market running for web browsers, so now it made the leap to mobile platforms represents an exciting opportunity to bring the game experience to another level by planting all bases of a proposal that aims directly at one of the best games of the year, although difficult.

Powered by the guys of Snail Games, Heroes of Gaia promises to deliver even more of what we already know in our web version game against the backdrop of the fictional world of Rigaria where iSO clashes between the four dominant classes including: Human, Elves, Barbarians and Zombies, each with its distinctive strengths and weaknesses for combat profile. The progress of the game is based on searches where exploration work and battle enemies run, where although there is a dynamic shifts also performed individually by each team, so that gives you a little more dynamism.

There are forty different types of m units, players can collect and organize between each search for the following battles in addition to the basic hardware of such titles as gold and accessories to strengthen arsenal. Including a multiplayer mode where, either in battle or in defense of fortresses may be tested against other users worldwide.

The proposal Heroes of Gaia is interesting, and seems a perfect match for devotees of its web version. Although by now many alternatives in this genre for mobile devices already exist too. Soon will come a version for Android, but there is not announcement of an exact date.

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