Happy Peers app is a fun way to set group goal and be healthy

Happy Pears Group Goal Setting app

Happy Pears is basically a goal setting app for Android Smartphones and Tablets, but it can still be used as health or fitness app. It allows to create a group with a goal, and you can add other members or invite friends to join. Group members can chat, share articles, photos, videos etc., and support other members to meet the goal.


  1. Groups- HappyPeers allows users to form a group based on a specific goal such as eating healthy, running, CrossFit, yoga etc..
  2. Peer Tracker- The tracker in our app will help users track their goals individually and as a group. For now, our tracker is simple; however, we are looking for feedback to make it more efficient.
  3. Daily Inspiration- HappyPeers has daily inspiration quotes to help motivate users throughout their journey.
  4. Custom Emojis– HappyPeers has created custom emojis using our company mascot: Happy Pears! These custom emojis are a interactive and fun way to connect with group members.
  5. Content Sharing-Users will be able to share photos, videos, texts, location, etc. to each other as well as other social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  6. Friendly Competition- HappyPeers will trigger friendly competition between users as they track their goals which allows them to stay focused and motivated.
  7. Accountability- Users will hold each other accountable due to the positive peer support that HappyPeers create.

The story behind HappyPeers:

It’s New Years Eve, 5 minutes before the ball drops at Times Square. You think to yourself, “What should I commit to this new year?”, “Is this my year to stay motivated?”, “Will I have the strength to commit?”. After coming up with three reasonable resolutions (Eat healthy, work out daily, be more patient with people), you celebrate the upcoming year as a happy, motivated, rejuvenated person. A couple of weeks go by, and you get busy. Let’s just say, busier than expected. By the third week, your everyday life takes over, and you soon forget about your beloved resolutions that you were once so eager to work on.

This is pretty much the story of almost everyone. We think, we decide, we commit, we leave resolutions halfway. The million dollar question is why does this happen?

We asked ourselves the same question and came to the conclusion that the main culprits is lack of motivation and accountability. So we decided to work on finding the solution and found out unless we go out and shout out at the top of our lung that we will do something, it most likely won’t happen.

What is our solution ? We found out that there were no apps that catered to group goals. After this discovery, we filed a provisional patent. The core of our solution is positive peer support which brings in motivation, effective communication, bonding, happiness and accountability along with it.

Download this free app from Google Play Store

How to use Happy Peers app

  • Form group with a goal- Users can create group of their choice i.e. Yoga time, go to the gym, eat healthy, run, kayak etc..

Create Group

  • Update tracker- Once users have created their group goal, a tracker will be set depending on the frequency of their goal. When users have completed the goal, they will update the tracker and other members will receive the update.

Update tracker

  • Chat– Chats make the app interactive and fun for users to hold discussions on their daily routines while they work to achieve the goal. Users would remain connected to members of their group 24/7 allowing them to stay motivated and exchange relevant articles, text, videos, or pictures regarding their goals.

Chat with users

  • Stay motivated with inspiration quotes- We will send a daily inspirational quote to users to keep them motivated on their journey.

Daily Inspiration quote

  • Support other members– After the goal has been set, users will be held accountable by one another and in case any one member is slacking on the goal, group members will motivate the individual.

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