Haier W867: Smartphone with large display

More and more brands that offer competitive smartphones at really affordable prices, a combination that has ensured success with the general public. Android is a versatile platform that gives enough freedom to the manufacturers. Haier is associated with the manufacture of appliances and televisions, and this brand has a range of smartphones as well, which has just been extended with the new Haier W867. The larger screens are successful at the present time, and the company is committed to a broad panel with this model. It also highlights its dual SIM card slot that allows us to carry two phone lines in the same terminal. You can see all the details of Haier W867 below.

The terminal has a simple, elegant design with no superfluous elements, with rounded corners to make it more comfortable to hold in hand. Around the chassis has a silvery frame which inevitably reminds Samsung Galaxy. As we said, it is a large device and its weight is 190 grams, which is not too light, but not bad for a device these features. The smartphone will go on sale in white, black or yellow, all with a gloss finish.

We turn to the most interesting part of the whole, the screen. Haier have opted for the amplitude with IPS panel of no less than 5.5 inches display, so Haier W867 is within the category known as phablets. Its wingspan can hamper driving with one hand and carry in your pocket comfortably. However the large screens provide a more satisfying multimedia experience, plus it fits more content, for example, when reading a story on a website it can giev you the best expirience. In addition, the panel has 16:9 widescreen perfect for watching videos leveraging its entire surface. The screen has qHD resolution, which is 960 x 540 pixels, so that the density stays at 200 dots per inch. It is not a very high figure but it is sufficient for this type of terminal.

The Haier W867 has 3G and WiFi mobile hotspot, so you can access the Internet from anywhere without problems. It also has a wireless port Bluetooth for sharing files or connecting accessories, antenna GPS , MicroUSB jack and headphone. As mentioned earlier, this model comes with dual SIM card slot so that, in case we have two phone lines, we won’t have to go with two phones everywhere. The camera has 8 megapixel resolution and is accompanied by an LED flash, system autofocus and can record full HD video. This smartphone cost is 200 euros, a more reasonable figure as well.

Apart from the screen, the device is equipepd with Android 4.2 Jelly bean, 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor, 4GB internal storage, 1GB RAM etc.

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