GoPro Hero4

We already had some rumors of a new version of the popular GoPro camera action, as we now it has many amazing specifications and some images of what on paper looks like a great evolution of the GoPro 3. And mostly people have fallen in love with GoPro Hero4 already.

In this case let’s speak about the GoPro to be delivered Hero4-like in its current version-Silver and Black version, as the news have spread all around; let’s discuss something that might not like by the fans in all these cameras. Let’s discuss its specifications;

GoPro Hero4 Black

Of the two models, this is the most powerful, doubling the performance of existing models, with a twice powerful processor. It is allowing duplicate frames per second at a resolution as high as 4K.

The operating modes are:

– 4K at 30fps

– 2.7K at 50fps

– 1440p at 80fps

– 1080p 120fps

– 960p at 120fps

– 720p at 120fps

* Unfortunately the information inside the packing does not find any way that dares to 240 images per second.

As for still images, the sensor is capable of capturing snapshots 12mpx in a few bursts of 30 frames per second. We comment that the sound capture system has also been improved, by doubling the dynamic range.

The camera comes with a wide angle lens, with three modes: Ultra Wide, Medium and Narrow. There is possibility to switch to a manual configuration of parameters such as color, ISO, exposure, etc.

With the housing it is able to withstand up to 40 meters deep. Nor have forgotten all existing connectivity such as WiFi or Bluetooth. It has the ability to capture important moments in the video, which you can find easily in the future to memorize.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

The Silver model is without Hero4 GoPro 4K recording at the same level, and has the capability to capture the current 15 images per second. Yes, the touch screen that gives us the ability to control the camera with gestures, a feature that the Black version does not have inserted.

In operating modes we find:

– 4K at 15fps

– 2.7K at 30fps

– 1440p at 48fps

– 1080p at 60fps

– 960p at 100fps

– 720p at 120fps

– Again we can record a 12-megapixel snapshot

Among the good things you can find with the appearance of the GoPro Hero4 is that it is compatible with all the accessories that are used in the current versions, something to be happy for all those who have in mind to change their current new camera.

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