Google’s Picasa Web Albums Online and App Download Options

Google's Picasa Web Albums

Google’s Picasa Web Albums used to be very popular among users, but it started loosing its value in 2013. Google launched Google+ in 2011, and then in 2013 they started redirecting Picasa Web Albums users to Google Plus. Now when you click on Image Editing Option under Picasa, it will redirect to Google+ for photo editing. After Google+, they released Google Photos; a new App for Smartphones and Computers to manage and sync photos, web interface is also available. It made Picasa Web Albums Service almost useless. Now users use Google Photos to sync their captured images via Smartphones, Tablets and computer, share it with other users, manual upload is also possible, and there are many other features. Editing option is also available on Google Photos, and it creates some awesome animated and effects automatically for your uploaded photos.

Google’s Picasa Web Albums FAQs

Can I still use Google’s Picasa Web Albums?

Yes, you can visit, and access it. With Google’s Picasa Web Albums you can also check the photos of your friends and communities you have joined. You can upload or delete your photos, comment, share and so on..

Is there any syncing difference between Google Photos and Google’s Picasa Web Albums?

when you share any photo on Google+, it gets saved automatically in Google’s Picasa Web Albums, but not in Google Photos. However, whether you upload a photo on Google Photos or Picasa it appears automatically in both places. If your smartphone is set to auto sync for Google Photos, all those Photos will appear on Picasa Web Albums as well.

Can I still download Picasa Web Albums app or a third party app for it?

Well, you won’t find any official Google’s Picasa Web Albums in Play Store, but there are some third party apps that shows you images stored in Picasa Web Albums, and allow you to makes some changes, like moving to different folder, setting as phone wallpaper, sharing it on social media including FaceBook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Should I get a third party app to manage Picasa Web Albums?

We don’t think so. Google Photos app has almost everything that you may seek in any other app. You can share any photo on FaceBook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social Media via Google Photos, Edit them, manage them, set as wallpaper and so on. So why would someone use a third party Picasa Web Albums?

If you have any other question related to Google’s Picasa Web Albums, please comment below.

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