Google Refund Policy for paid apps if the app has any issues

The Google Play Store has a catalog that has already surpassed one million files. Android is the most popular platform in the world and its huge ecosystem of applications is one of the reasons for its success. Users can find virtually any type of tool for improving the functions of their smartphones or tablets and they also add new ones. The variety is huge and most applications work well, but the truth is that there are times when we find some apps that do not work as they should. When it comes to free apps all you need to do is uninstall it, but when you pay for the app and it turns out useless, you will definitely want the refund. Google has an automatic system in case you want the refund within the first 15 minutes after the app purchase. However, we can also request the refund after 15 mins.

There are cases in which an application may not function properly or be inconsistent with our smartphone models. In these cases we can request a refund of our money in the first fifteen minutes without any issue and Google won’t ask any questions, and above all, application developer response to the complaint is not required. However, it is common for us to spend those first fifteen minutes for various reasons, and couldn’t test or find the app issue. The application we downloaded might not create issue immediately or may work for a few hours properly, thereafter we found that the app has some problem or started crashing. In this case, the return process is also automated for the first 48 hours and can request the refund on Google Play following a few simple steps.

If you have downloaded an application and want to request a refund within the first 48 hours should enter Google Play Store through your computer and access the section called My Orders (you enter by clicking on the icon that looks like a gear). Along with the request for the application that we want to return there is a button with three, when pushed, reveals a feature called “Report error.” If we get to the screen where we can ask for refund,can also include a comment telling what the specific problem is. Typically, Google does not make us any questions if you are within the 48 hour period. But if we repeat this process with several applications may ask for the explanations to avoid possible fraud. The procedure is very simple but we must be careful that we do not miss and be more difficult to get our refund. Best way to get the refund is; after the installation, try them immediately and report any problem that we can find us.

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