Google Play Store or Blackmart: Download free stuffs for Android

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Android mobile users have increased like anything, and they download so many applications and games from the Google Play Store. Android OS is not like Symbian or Java operating systems, but it’s an OS developed by Google and you can find its apps or games only on Google Play Store. I remember when I had a mobile with different OS, I used to search on the internet to find free applications, because there are many websites where it can be found. Now, it’s Google Play Store only if you need such stuffs to download. If I tell you honestly, I am happy with this. It saves my time to look for an application or game on different websites. I just go to Google Play Store, and download my favorite games, themes and apps.

However, I found an application on Google Play Store itself. This application can be used to download android applications and games, but these stuffs might be pirated. If you go to Google Play Store, you will find lots of free stuffs, but there are some apps and other stuff including games and themes which are not free, and you need to pay before you download. You might download a trial version, but if you want to upgrade or go for a pro version, you need to pay.


Well, if you see the picture above, you can notice Blackmart application is available on Google play store as I said. I don’t understand why Google has allowed this kind of application on their store who provides the same application with no cost what Google charges for? We are the users, and I don’t think people care about the store they are downloading from. We want free stuffs to save money for other things. When I checked this software on Google Play Store, it is clearly mentioned they provide free apps to try but suggest not to use the same forever. It sounds like someone is giving you a 3D TV with glasses for free, and asked you not to watch. Downloaded apps from Blackmart don’t have any validity to expire, and you can use as long as you want. In this case, please let me know who would like to uninstall, and buy a fresh one from Google Play Store, and pay for the same? There is still a question if it is safe? As I said it might be pirated, so it completely depends on you. It might not be safe if the applications are pirated there. If it’s really piracy, Google should not have that application on Google Play Store.

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Blackmart is giving an opportunity to download as many apps as you want. It has everything, books, games, apps, themes etc. It’s just like Google Play Store, but there is one difference that you don’t need to pay for those stuffs what you pay for on Google Play Store. You can download your favorite HD games for free, and there is no limit how many games/apps you download from there. There is one amazing thing what might surprise you. I said everything is free on Blackmart, but when you check the premium stuffs on Blackmart, it does inform you the price, and seems you are going to be charged. Though, there is price listing, it’s absolutely free. It doesn’t ask you to put your card details or such information.

Update : Blackmart is not available on Play Store anymore. It can be downloaded here