Google launches camera app for Android Phones

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Google camera

Google has launched a camera application which can be found on Google Play Store named “Google Camera.” It has been launched on 16th April, and can be downloaded from Google App Store. This app is available for the latest version of Android device. So, any users who have a smartphone or tablet with Android 4.4, Kitkat OS can download and use it. Misfortunately, Google camera is not available for older version of Android device at the moment, but Google has said will be available for other version of Android Phones as well in the future. Google camera lets you click awesome pictures with its 100% viewfinder that allows to capture with the maximum resolution, and has a big click button so that you won’t miss any shot.

Google Camera has great features with Google Camera app, like Lens Blur mode, Panorama mode, 100% Viewfinder, Photo Spheres etc. Now, you can capture high resolution images even in panorama mode.

Camera app by Google

Some users might face the issue using Google Camera, and if you are one of them, go ahead and reboot the mobile and this should work fine. Now, Google are providing some great app, not limited to only Google Nexus. Hope to see some more apps in future by Google, and waiting for Google Camera for other version of the Android phones as well that will be launched in a couple of months hopefully.

Here is the screenshot of the description updated by Google:

Google camera Description