Google being honest about the self-driving car reporting accidents

self-driving car

Google’s self-driving car is the talk of the town, and we always heard good things about it.  Google made a new page dedicated to self-driving car to report all the incidents what’s happening with this self-driving car. Google is trying to develop it as more as they can to make these cars available to the public by 2020.

Google’s self-driving car project is on testing only at this time that are run by Google’s drivers. Google reported that this project has completed 6 years and has traveled around 1.8 million miles. During 6 years of periods, there were 13 accidents. Google says 7 of them happened at the traffic light when someone hit the car from behind and it has also happened on the open road.

A cyclist on the left had entered the left turn lane but veered back into our path to continue straight across the intersection,” the post notes. At the same time, the cyclist on the right entered the intersection, traveling against the flow of traffic. That cyclist then took a sudden left turn, coming directly at us in our lane. Our car was able to predict that cyclist’s path of travel (turquoise line with circles), so we stopped and yielded. This happened at night, when it would have been very difficult for a human driver to see what was unfolding.

Google clearly explained that car accidents happened because of the human error, and you can see one of the example in the above quoted paragraph. Google has aimed to reduce the number of road accidents that happens due to human mistake. So on the Googles’ Self-Driving page, Google will update all the incidents happening to this self-driving car project. Google said that nothing can be perfect, but our aim is to beat the human errors to reduce number accidents.


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