Google ad is targeted to be blocked in European Mobile Network

Mobile banner samples

Financial time reported that European Mobile Network Carriers have planned to block ads on mobile network. So the users will not see any ads when they browse any websites, but this will not be applicable for social networks. Ads on social network will be displayed.

According to the report, European carriers are testing a software of an Israeli ad-blocking company “shine,” that will allow them to block the ads across the web including mobile apps.

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Well, Ad blocking on the web means block all kind of ads including Google ad. So Google seems to be the primary target here. Instead of blocking ad banners if they could do something to block annoying pop-up ads only, that could make users more happy and remove their frustration completely while browsing the web. Blocking all ads doesn’t make any sense, because it limits the users to see some great offers as well as information.

European carriers will provide this service as an opt-in service where users can ask them to enable, but how many people would ask them to enable? This would not make only Google to lose revenue, but will also have a great effect on Businessmen, bloggers, organizations etc. Once European Commission gives them a green signal, it will be on the go.

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