Get The Advanced Version of Samsung Galaxy Grand

grand 2

The craze of bigger mobiles has increased like anything. It goes bigger and bigger each time mobile companies launch new mobiles. Samsung’s Galaxy series mobile is one of the example. Galaxy series used to have small display mobiles as well, but now Samsung is concentrating to provide the big display at cheaper rate. People liked Galaxy grand, and now Samsung is ready with Galaxy Grand 2. Galaxy Grand came with 5″ display and 800X480 pixels resolution, but you would be glad to hear that Grand 2 will give you the best experience of HD videos and game with the resolution of 1280X720 pixels and 5.25″ HD display. The back side of Grand 2 looks little stylish because of the leather like stitches, and this will be available with dual SIM to give you the flexibility to switch the network provider easily.

grand 2 back

Well, Samsung has tried to keep up with the quality and provide improved features. Grand 2 will have 2600 mAh battery where as Galaxy Grand has 2100 mAh. That’s obvious if the display quality has been improved, it will consume more power, so it’s a good thing. Primary camera remained the same 8MP, but some additional features and modes have been added, like continuous shot, story album, sound and shot, best photo etc. Let me remind you one feature of HTC One “Zoe” which captures 20 snaps in one shot with 3 seconds of video to make your album live. I told about “Zoe” here because Samsung’s “shot and sound” is a little similar, but this doesn’t capture the video. Shot and Sound feature enables you to record up to nine seconds of audio while capturing photos. However, the secondary camera is now 1.9MP where Galaxy Grand has 2MP. I don’t think this makes much difference while you make video calls. This is not a deal breaker.

grand 2 image feature

Samsung has made no changes in storage capacity, it remained 8GB internal memory and micro SD card slot which supports up to 64GB. When Samsung improved other features, they should increase the internal storage, because Game lover can never be happy with 8GB when an HD game like NFS takes around 700MB of memory and some other games take even more than 1GB. They should have managed to make it 16GB at least as they have increased the RAM from 1GB (Grand) to 1.5GB (Grand 2). Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will be launched with Android 4.3, and Grand 2 will not be Dual Core like Grand. Galaxy Grand 2 will be launched with Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor which can make you open multiple windows and use at the same time, ex: watching video on the half display, and chatting with your friend on the other half, No need to minimize again and again. Some people might be excited to buy, but this excitement won’t last long for many people because Galaxy Grand 2 will be launched only in some specific region which can make some users sad if they are willing to buy, but I am sure about one thing that those places where Grand made a good business, it will be launched there.

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