What is Geocaching? Is there any good Geocaching app?

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If you have heard the word “Geocaching” for the first time, you must be thinking that it is about GPS/Location/Map and its cached files or saved data. Well, you are almost right, but Geocaching is something more than that, and it’s a fun thing you would love to learn about.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor activity or you can call it a fun game. This activity is completely based on GPS. The participants of this activity, use a smartphone, tablet or any other GPS receiver device. These devices are used to find the Geocaches. Geocaches don’t have any specific form or shape, you may find it in different shapes, sizes, and forms. When you use Geocaching app or any other Global Positioning Receiver device, you will see the path to Geocaches locations that you need to navigate and reach to find the Geocache. Usually, Geocaches has a container where you will also find a logbook. You need to sign the logbook and put it back exactly where it was, and then log your findings online. The container may also have some items to trade, like toys, bands, cards etc. that you can trade if you want.

Type of Geocaches

You can find various type of Geocaches, some popular kind of Geocaches are as follows;

Simple Traditional : These type of Geocaches don’t have any trick, you can simply find them, sign the Logbook, and trade items if you like.

Advanced Traditional : Such Geocaches are also traditional, but finding them could be tricky because of difficult or confusing terrain.

Mystery : These Geocaches are could be very confusing. It may involve a puzzle that you need to solve to find the correct coordinate.

Multi-Cache : Such Geocaches are not limited to one location. It involves at least 2 or more locations, and you get the clue for the other location when you find the first one. The last location is the one that includes a container.

Virtual : Such Geocaches don’t involve any physical containers. If you participate in Virtual type Geocaches, you will have to explore locations only. You need to find the location, but these Geocaches may involve answering questions about the place, capturing images of the location, etc..

There could be some other type of Geocaches as well, but we have tried to list the most popular ones. Are you getting excited about Geocaches? Let’s know about a Geocaching app that you can use to participate in Geocaching activity.

Geocaching App


Geocaching app by Groundspeak Inc. is a perfect tool to find all type of Geocaches. There are over 2-million Geocaches worldwide that you can explore with this one app. When you search a location, it automatically highlights all the Geocaches. You can tap on Geocaches to see more detail, and also start finding them right from the app. This app also includes 4 type of search options. You can search by Place Name, Geocaches Code, Trackable Code, and GeoTour Code. Geocaches can be sorted and filtered as well, but it requires a  premium subscription. The list icon, location on the top (along with menu icon) can be used to list the Geocaches quickly. When you tap on the list icon, it will list all the Geocaches for your current location, and will also tell you the count. There is also a Messaging option that you can use to send messages to other participants in the Geocaching community. The app can be downloaded for free, and it doesn’t cost anything as long as you want to explore simple-traditional type Geocaches. However, if you want something more, then you will have to upgrade and pay a certain amount. There are 4 types of in-app purchase options that you can use.

Download Geocaching App Now :  Get it on Play Store   |   Download from App Store

Note : The app requires registration. You cannot use it until you are logged in. If you don’t want to sign up separately, you can use your FaceBook account to log into this app, but you will still have to choose a user name.

Can I use Geocaching without the app?

Of course, you can do. Visit geocaching.comlog in with your ID and Password or log in via FaceBook account. Once logged in, search for a location, and it will list all the Geocaches for that particular location (if available). You also get Driving direction link that you can click on to see the location on Google Map and navigate to the place. You can also send the location to your smartphone via message or email and then navigate through your smartphone. However, please don’t forget to use Compass mode.

Please note that participating in Geocaching is fun and you may also explore some cool and beautiful locations, but such activity could also be dangerous. What someone has put in the container, and what places you are visiting you never know. So play safe, and involve in such activity at your own risk. We hold no responsibility.