GeekBench 4 app for iPhone goes free for a limited time

GeekBench has released its new version yesterday, and now it is available for all platforms. At first they updated their website, and then released the apps for Mobile devices and computer. If you were using Geekbench Website yesterday, you must have realized that GeekBench was failing to find result for your search terms, and it remained like that for few minutes, but it’s working fine now. Geekbench 2 option has been removed from the webpage now, and they have added Geekbench 4, check the screenshot below.

GeekBench 4 App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iPhone GeekBench 4 Performance

GeekBench has always been a paid app for iPhone, but they let the users download it for free now and then. GeekBench 4 has been released today for iOS devices, and they are letting users download it for free. This free offer is valid until September 13, 2016. Thereafter, they may start charging $0.99 as they used to for Geekbench 3.

Download the app from App Store

GeekBench 4 App for Android

Android Geekbench 4

GeekBench 4 for Android devices can be downloaded for free as usual. GeekBench has removed battery performance test now. The Android version of its app was released a day earlier than iOS version.

Get the app on PlayStore

What does GeekBench 4 App do

GeekBench is well known to measure performance of Mobile Devices and Computers. You can simply launch the app on your Smartphone, and tap Run Benchmark option to perform the test. The benchmark test takes a few minutes to complete, and it shows the score. The score is primarily divided in 2 parts; Single-Core and Multi-Core. You can scroll down to see detailed information on benchmark score. Along with Benchmark Score, GeekBench also shows device specs, e.g. Model, OS Version, Processor & its Speed, RAM, L2/L3 Cache, etc..

GeekBench app can be purchased for individual or professional use. You can buy it for Windows, Linux as well as Mac. Visit this page to see pricing detail.

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