Top Online Games Like Y8’s “Slope” Game

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What is Y8’s Slope Game All About?

If you haven’t played Slope Game so far, let me explain a little what is it all about. It gives you a 3D gaming environment with a football-sized 3D ball that you need to control using the arrow keys. If you are logged in, you may score more to get a better position compared to other users. This game was earlier available on many websites, but now it is available on the Y8 only. If you are unable to access Y8 for any reason, you can play the Similar games that we have listed in this article. Some of these games are even better and more entertaining compared to Slope game. Here are some screenshots of the Slope game how it looks like.

Rolling Ball 3D (Quite Similar to Slope)

rolling ball 3d

Rolling Ball 3D game looks quite similar to the Slope game, even the graphic is very similar. However, there are more things to do in the Rolling Ball 3D game. It got some gems to collect and even sliders to make you jump higher. So you get some extra stuff to keep you entertained.

Rolling Orc

rolling arc

Rolling Orc game comes with a monster ball that also has horns. You got this monster to keep moving and collect those gems in green color. The grassy platform makes it look classic and the sliders within the platform will help the monster jump high.

Picker 3D

picker 3D

Collect the white ball by making them go into the magnetic object. Do not collect square red boxes. Touching them would not harm as long as you do not collect. Control the object with arrow keys. Something more interesting than playing Slope and you can play for a while instead of quickly dying as you do in Slope game.

Cube Fall

cube ball

Cube Fall is not a ball moving on the floor but a Cube that is falling and keep falling until you can keep it from crashing. There are building kind of objects set up in the middle of the sky and the land that you need to avoid to touch. You can unlock different cubes as play and progress. So try this cool game and enjoy.

Rolling City

rolling city game

Rolling City is quite different compared to the games we mentioned above. When the game starts you need to wait for a little to allow the game to find more players to fill the room. 15 players play in each room. In this game, you have to try to grow the size of the ball. You need to roll over poles, benches, human, and other small balls to grow your size. You cannot roll over the large ball as it will kill you. You can control the ball using the mouse pointer and drag to roll.