Catch Behind Free WordPress Premium Themes Download

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Free Premium WordPress Theme Download

There are so many websites that offer free download for Premium WordPress themes, and it’s not just WordPress, but you can find it for Joomla, Blogger, and other platforms. You might not be the one who uses pirated theme, but there are so many people who do, especially new bloggers. They think “Why should they pay for something when it can be downloaded for free?”

Why the premium themes go free? Have you ever thought about it?

Premium WordPress themes cost $20 onwards, and it even reaches $100 or more depending on theme type and the additional features you are getting with the theme. Users or Developer who put those theme to download on the cloud, torrent, and some other websites must have paid for it. So why will someone offer you something for free when he/she paid for the same?

Here is the catch behind free premium WordPress theme download

Developers who buy a theme from any service provider, modify its coding. They add some crap coding that you may not realize. Such codings are made to redirect your traffic to some other blog or website. Traffic is the most important thing that any webmaster or blogger care about. When a huge traffic is redirected from your website, it affects your website the most. So you save some dollars on Premium WordPress Theme and compromise your website ranking and traffic.

What are the other risks when you download premium WordPress Themes for free?

You must have realized that such pirated contents are stored on spammy websites, Cloud or Torrent. When you click to download a theme, so many pop-up ads are populated. While downloading a theme, you may also end up downloading some unwanted files. You risk your Computer as well as website/blog. Your computer may get infected by Virus or Malware while downloading. Themes may also contain Malware that may infect your website. This may also end up getting banned from Adsense as Google bans websites and blogs that are infected or distribute malware/virus. Such websites are also de-indexed by Google as it’s against Google’s Webmaster Guideline.

Along with all those issues, using pirated is content is a very serious issue. You may have not been warned or caught previously, but you can’t predict what you have in future. Piracy can cause a hefty penalty and/or jail.

You stake so many stuff and your personal life to save some dollar. Instead of getting a risky or pirated content, you can use free themes if don’t want to pay for premium. WordPress and many other websites are full of free WordPress themes that you can download without any risk, and use it for free. Still looking for Premium WordPress Themes?

Where can I Get Premium WordPress Theme for Less Price?

If you are the owner of multiple blogs and want to get more than one theme, You can get them at very cheap price. Buying one theme could be little expensive.

Bonus Tip : Find a friend or College who also want to get Premium WordPress Theme. Now you can distribute the purchase amount. For the price of 2 themes (or even less), you can get so many themes. Here are some websites, and the pricing detail of premium WordPress themes;


Theme-Junkie has WordPress themes for all kind of Websites; Business, Blog, Creative, Magazine, Ecommerce, Responsive etc..

Any downloaded theme can be used on a unlimited number of websites and blogs.

Single Theme : $39 or Free

All themes + 12 Upcoming Themes : $49 (Themes can be used for lifetime, but Support and update will be given for one year)

Lifetime Access with all upcoming themes + Lifetime Support : $99


Themify has also got premium WordPress themes in almost all categories. They have got 47 premium themes + 4 free themes.

Single Theme from Themify costs $49, but when you buy one theme you get another for free. They have got various kind of Theme Package with unlimited access, and the regular price starts from $79.

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By any chance, if you can’t find the most suitable theme for your WordPress blog or website, ThemeForest is the best place to search. They have the largest collection of WordPress Themes (6,579 WordPress Themes so far). Because of that many themes, they don’t offer any membership with unlimited access. You need to buy each theme separately. The pricing starts from $29.


Elegant WordPress Themes are very popular among users. They have got high-quality premium themes that are the great fit for any kind of sites, provided that you choose the suitable one from there theme library. They are leading with over 341K customers and 87 WordPress themes. You can also get 10% of discount on your purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter.


They have got three kinds of plans; Personal, Developer, and Lifetime Access. Lifetime Access allows to use all the themes for life with premium technical support, and you will pay $249 (one time). Personal and Developer membership requires $69 and $89 each year respectively. Here is the screenshot with all the benefits and pricing.

Elegant Themes