Free mobile apps that can help you make free international calls

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With the advancement of technology, making international calls has become easier and convenient. Previously, in order to make international calls, people had to recharge their mobile phones with international calling cards to slash off the rates. But now as technology has gone through leaps and bounds, international calling has become cheaper and even free with Android smartphones. There are different free Android mobile apps that you can install on your smartphone which can be found from the Google Play Store, and you can easily make free international calls. Check out the names of some free Android apps that you can install on your Android smartphone.

  • Google Voice: The best app that you can install on your Android smartphone is Google Voice as it is owned by the king of search engines, Google. With the help of Google Voice, users can send and receive free text messages and also make international as well as domestic calls. If you use Google for Android, the users can also read transcripts and listen to voicemail. It is possible to download Google Voice from Google Play Store.


  • Skype: When it comes to making cheap international calls, Skype has become the synonym for cheap calls through your mobile. The word “Skype” is nowadays being used as a verb for making calls as this is the best VOIP option that you can use in order to make calls through your smartphone. Skype helps you stay in touch with your friends, send instant messages and video calls and also share your favorite videos and photos. This app can also be downloaded free of cost through the Google Play Store.


  • Viber: By installing Viber on your Android phone, the users can easily connect with their friends and contact free of cost. Making phone calls, sending text messages, sharing your location and video messages is all possible through Viber. The factor that makes Viber stand out among all the other apps is that you can personalize your messages interesting emoticons, doodles and stickers.


  • Tango: Tango allows the users to make voice calls and video calls with family and friends for free. You can easily connect with group chat and friends with up to 50 friends. You may have fun and personalize phone calls with different animations. This app is also available from the Google Play Store.

tango voip

  • Line: The newest app among this list is Line. Line lets users make free voice calls for 24 hours a day and you can update your friends on what you’ve been up by using stickers, photos and location info. It is easy to find out your friends all over the world and make free international calls.  This can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can make cheap international calls through your smartphone, you can install any or all of the above mentioned apps in your Android smartphone.