Free iPhone and iPad Game, RedStory – Little Red Riding Hood

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RedStory Little Red Riding Hood Game

RedStory – Little Red Riding Hood is a fun game that you would love to play. The game has been created and developed by Paris Entertainment.

The wolves stole the map showing the location to grandma’s house ! I must warn her, as quickly as possible ! And avoid the pitfalls the wolves left on the way. this is my story… and i need your help!

Red Story – Little Red Riding Hood Game comes with beautiful graphic and fun music. The character of the game is very cute with red scarf on her head. Players are guided at the start with hints and text on the screen, and it doesn’t take more than 5 mins to learn how you can play the game.

There are some powers that you can earn by playing, like Magnet, Shield, Sneakers and Parachute. These powers can also be acquired, but you need to have enough coins, and those coins can be earned by playing games. If you don’t have enough coin, you can buy it paying real money.

RedStory Power ups

When you play the game, it keeps recording the game play with sound. After you finish the game/level, you can tap the replay icon to watch again how you played. The recorded screen can also be shared among friends on social media. Red Story game also allows to save the screen as Wallpaper. You can simply click the Down Arrow sign to save the screen to Photos app on iPhone or iPad.

Save Wallpaper from redstory game

How to get the RedStory – Little Red Riding Hood Game for Your iPhone or iPad

Download the game from the App StoreYour device must be running iOS 9.1 or later version. The game weighs 110 MB, so it’s better to download when you are connected to WiFi Network, else you may get charged by your carrier.

The Game is free to download, but you will have to pay to unlock all levels. They also serve ads to free users. If you are running out of coins, you may buy more coins paying real money.

How to Play RedStory – Little Red Riding Hood

While playing game you need to collect coins that you will find on your way, you may need to jump to collect the coin. The same way, you may fall down from the mountain or hit the object on your way if you don’t jump or crouch. You need to collect three; R E D. These three letters must be collected to clear the level with 3 star. There are simple controls;

Jump : Tap on screen to jump. You can jump to prevent falling down, collect coins, collect RED (three letters), climb and so on…

Crouch : You may also find some objects on your way that you can’t jump. In such case, you can slide your finger down to crouch

Powers : Before the game starts, you are shown some powers that can be used during game, Shield, Parachute, Sneakers and Magnet. You can tap on any or all to use (if you have), else you may need to get those powers using coin, or buy coin paying real money, and then get those powers.