Four things should get better to improve Samsung Galaxy S6 performance

The users of Samsung Galaxy S6 may found some inconvenience in this model or may be not… but I want to share you four things of Samsung Galaxy S6 that I want with improvement. By improving these four things Samsung Galaxy S6 performance can get better. We review over these four aspects that I would like to see with improvement.

Most likely, the Samsung Galaxy S6 brought a more powerful processor, better and larger screen, higher quality camera … etc. But, beyond basic trend I expect to see, there are four aspects that Samsung should take a firm step forward to develop if they want this Samsung Galaxy S6 regain its prominence.

Best software. Whether the ultimate low-end of the company or the latest flagship, whenever we speak of a workstation Samsung found a common factor: the software is still needed much improvement (both aesthetically and functionally). In 2014 there was an important step for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (simplifying and polishing), but the Samsung Galaxy S6 should be the final step with TouchWiz longer one of the major problems of the Asian company. Better performance, better aesthetics and above all, greater simplification.

Design. Parallel to the software, one of the most repeated complaints of this workstation Samsung is the design. Misuse of plastic, to continue lines … it is time that the company does forward itself in this direction with more premium materials such as aluminum, glass or even the coating. Both the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have shown progress in this field, but current model needs to take a step further.

Audio. The audio is becoming one of the unfinished businesses of Samsung. Maybe not as serious as other aspects mentioned above, but seeing progress in this field by HTC, Motorola and Sony, it’s time that Samsung also should move tab. What we would all like to see a Samsung Galaxy S6 as wonderful as the first Galaxy S and Wolfson DAC sound, don’t we?

Specifications. With the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the company opted for the experience rather than the specifications. With the Samsung Galaxy S6, that viewpoint must follow to bring specifications. Incorporating the latest specifications of the market is a good idea as long as it is done with common sense and be fully exploited. For example: useless 2K panel mount if that means less autonomy and worse performance of the visual display. Likewise, it makes no sense to mount 3GB of RAM if the software is not sufficiently optimized to provide a good user experience.

If the company manages to check on these four tasks and also does the job well, we all hope (a powerful hardware base and an aggressive marketing strategy plus marketing), the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be successful, without a doubt, a definite achievement over 2015. Otherwise, the company could face serious problems in the future.

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