Football Heads Unblocked Game

Note: Game works on Computer only and Flash Player needs to be enabled

Play Football Heads Unblocked Game Now

How do I Play Football Heads?

First of all, wait and let the game loads completely. Don’t do anything until you see the Start button. Now hit the big Start button to play the game, and then select New Game option. Now you need to select a team and the hit the Play button.

Single Player Mode: Press Left Arrow Key to move left and Right Arrow Key to move right. Up Arrow Key can be used when you want to jump. Hit the Spacebar to kick the football.

Multiplayer Mode: When your start the game, you get the multiplayer option as 2 Player. If you have selected this option, the controls will change. Player 1 and Player 2 will use these keys to control;

  • Player 1: Press to Jump, A and D to move left and right respectively. Press Space key to kick.
  • Player 2:  Press Left and Right Arrow Keys to move, Up Arrow Key to jump, to kick.

The player with the more score after a minute will be the Winner.

Football Heads is one of the most popular games that is also popular among those looking for unblocked games. If you like playing sports type of flash games, you are going to love it.

Power-ups in Football Heads game

While playing the game you may see different kinds of power-ups. If the ball hits such power-ups, it may affect it positively as well negatively. So you need to understand these before you start playing. Hitting the right power-up may help you make more goals. Please check the image below to understand all the power-ups and then you can start playing.

Football heads unblocked

You can also upgrade your player to make it even bigger and more powerful. There are many new things and fun you will explore in the Football Heads game. You can also unlock World Cup Starts in the game while playing in the 2 Player mode.

Football Heads is one of the most popular Sports games among teenagers and school goers. Some people also know this game as Football Heads Unblocked Game.

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