Finger Reader Wearable: It can read the book loud and clear

finger reader wearable

MIT Media Lab has developed a gadget (Finger Reader Wearable) which is impressive and beneficial for visually impaired people. This gadget can be worn in the finger while reading a book. For ex: once you wear this gadget in your finger and open the book, and move your finger on the printed text, it can read each word loud and clear. It can even help you to find the right book when you are looking for a specific book in the library.

We know that these days most of the books are available on the internet to read and there are lots of applications for computers and mobiles that can read the whole book, even audio books are available on the web, but you can’t find all the books you want to read. In this case, Finger Reader Wearable can help those people who have lost their sight or have difficulties to read.

Finger Reader Wearable has a camera in it, and when you move your finger on the book, it scans the text on the book and then changes it into audio so that you can hear it. It will alert you with the vibration when the line ends or starts and when you don’t move the finger straight it alerts in this situation as well. It is a great invention, but they should have worked little more on audio quality as it sound more robotic.

You can watch this video to check what exactly Finger Reader Wearable does.

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