Fast and Slow Motion Video Camera App for iPhone and iPad

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These days Smartphones come with great camera features. Along with filter and other editing tools, Slow Motion and Fast Motion (Time-Lapse) features can already be found in stock camera application of iPhone 6 and later newer model. However, it doesn’t allow to make Slow Motion of Fast Motion videos from an existing video, and if you have an older model, you can’t make such videos with camera app. So we are here with some cool applications that allow users to record such videos, and they also allow to use existing videos to slow down or speed up.

Slow Motion and Fast Motion (Time-Lapse) Video Camera Applications

1. Slo Mo / Fast Motion Video Maker

Slow Mo Video Maker

This is a very simple application that doesn’t require you to be a tech person. Just download the application on your iPhone or iPad, and enjoy. To record a slow Motion Video using this application, just launch the app and choose “Record New Video” or “Choose From Library” option. Record New Video option allows to use camera to make a slow motion video, or you can tap Choose from Library if you want to slow down an existing video.

Slo Mo Video application also allows to set how slow you want the video to play (between 10% to 100%). Once you set the speed, you can check how the video is playing, and the created video can be share among friends on Social Media or you can simply save to the Photos app. The app is free to download and use. There is one more feature that require you to pay for this. The premium feature allows to change the speed of a certain part of the video. It doesn’t leave any water mark on videos.

Fast Motion : The app can also speed up the video, but you need to write a review to unlock this feature for free. The fast motion can speed up the video to either 150% or 200%.

Download Slo Mo Video App

2. The Best Slow Motion + Fast Motion Camera App

This is probably the best application you can find in the app store. Here are some quick features of Slow Motion Camera application

  • Apply Slow Motion and/or Fast Motion effect
  • Choose from the different available option to make the video even more slower/faster
  • You can choose when the slow motion or fast motion effect starts and ends (apply effect to certain part or the entire video)
  • Record a video from stock Camera app or use any existing video to slow down or speed up
  • Select multiple section with video to apply slow motion or fast motion effect. A single video can have slow motion and fast motion both effect
  • Save video to camera roll and share on social media
  • Add desired audio file from your music library
  • Note : You need to rate the app if you want to unlock Fast Motion feature

A Video Tutorial for this App

Pro VS Free Version

The free version of Slow Motion Camera app comes with some limitation. The video will have water mark and you can’t add audio. Pro Version is known as Slow Motion Camera Extreme, and it costs only $2.99.

Download Links

Slow Motion Camera Extreme (Pro Version) for $2.99

$2.99 is a limited time offer, else it usually costs $5.99

Get Free Version with some limitation

3. SpeedPro – Make Slow and fast motion video

Slow Mo or Time Lapse With Audio

SpeedPro app can also speed up or slow down video, and allow you to save to camera roll. This app also allows to add audio to the video, but the Watermark cannot be removed. It doesn’t have a Pro version. Multiple select is also not possible, but you can select the desired part of the video to apply effect. So the app we told in 2nd number still the best one.

Download SpeedPro

ClipSpeed : All in one solution (but not the best)

Clip Speed Video Editor

Some quick features of ClipSpeed App

  • Make a Fast Motion or Slow Motion Videos
  • Save to camera roll and share with your friends
  • Apply Filters to videos
  • Add audio from music library to video
  • No Watermark from the app developer
  • Add own watermark
  • Note : Multiple selection is not possible, but you can select a certain part from the video to slow down or speed up

After applying all the effect and adding audio, you can simply tap the Share icon (located on the top right corner), and then tap Continue. Now it will take a while to process the video, and then you will get the option to share or add to camera roll.

The only thing you won’t like is intrusive ads. They pop up every few seconds.

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