Teens Hiding Online Behavior? Prevent Them Using Digital Parental Controls!


Like many other parents, you probably believe that you are aware of what your children upload, post and share online. Whereas the reality is that ‘you,’ like other parents, don’t actually know their ‘real’ online behavior, and most likely are having the wool pulled over your eyes by your highly tech-savvy teens. Especially if you’re not so tech-savvy, it gets a lot easier for them to hide their online activities.

More than 50% teens have a smartphone. Does this mean that parents are all the more blind to their child’s activities? Well, now they aren’t. Because, now they can keep an eye on their kid’s online activities by using the digital parental controls. If you are still confident that you are aware of their activities as one can be, have a look at this infographic by McAfee which shows that 71% successfully hide their online behavior from parents.

What can you do?

The stats are shocking. Right? Naturally, you wouldn’t trust your teen to do all the stuff mentioned in the Infographic given above and you’re probably like ‘they’re just kids, what do they have to hide?’ But unfortunately, our teens don’t think the same way. They see themselves as adults who want their privacy, but they sure don’t act like one. Well, now it’s the time to tell your tech-savvy kid who’s the boss, and you can do this by using the parental control apps like FamilyTime. This app not only lets you monitor, but gives you the remote control to their device.


Using the FamilyTime parental app parents can:

  • Have a look at the contacts of your teens.
  • See whom do they contact via calls or SMS by monitoring their call logs and SMS history.
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts and receive notifications when the contact is made.
  • View your teen’s web-browser history along with bookmarks to see the websites they visit and what’s added to their favorites list.
  • View the complete list of apps installed in their phone/tab.
  • Blacklist any app you find inappropriate or questionable.
  • View app usage frequency to see the time spent on each app.
  • Put auto-screen locks on their devices to limit the device usage
  • Remotely lock their device from your parent Dashboard.

This app also lets you track their location, Geo-fence places, set speed limits and much more. If you want to give this app a try, go now to your iTunes or Google Play Store to download the app and use it for a 3-day full premium free trial.

Don’t let your teen go online unsupervised!

Teens can be reckless and tend to make poor decisions, in real life and online. As a parent, it is your job to make sure they are safe. Teens often tend to share a lot more information than they should, which can be very dangerous. Keep them safe from online predators and inappropriate content by using the digital parental controls that are only a touch away. Mind that smart parenting is easy parenting!

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