Facebook video calling: Facebook added video calling feature in messenger

facebook video calling option

Facebook announced today to add video calling feature on its messenger application. Facebook Video Calling feature has been rumored for so long, and now it reaches to the Facebook Messenger app. You may think that you are still not getting option, because the App will be updated later today and once you receive the update, you will be able to enjoy Facebook Video Calling.

Earlier Facebook had tied up with Skype for video calling option, but it seems Facebook was sitting idle but working on its own app to make it better. Facebook Video calling feature is available for both iOS and Android, but at this time this feature is available for some specific countries, and if you don’t belong to one of them, you need to wait for some days to receive the update. Here is the countries list where Facebook Video Calling feature is available as of now:

United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Belgium, Uruguay, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, France, Nigeria, Portugal, Laos, Norway, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico, Oman and Poland.


So what happens now? It’s simple and easy. Once you update your Facebook Messenger Application, the place where you used to see the calling option, now you would also see the video camera sign. Here is a short video about this video calling feature:

These are some features of the Facebook Video Calling.

1) It is free and it is based of VOIP which only uses your internet connection. Your network provider may charge for data if you are not using WiFi.

2) You can easily switch to audio call from the video call.

3) It also allows one person to turn off video so that the other person can have better quality.

4) If you internet speed is not good, it will warn you.

5) It adjusts the video quality according to your internet connection speed.

facebook video calling image

The best part of Facebook Video Calling is that you no longer need to install so many apps on your smartphone. One place for messaging, audio and video calling, and how can I forget the option that allows to send money to friends.

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