Facebook has started loosing its users, and YouTube is gaining

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fb and youtube

Among all social networks Facebook is the most famous network used by people around the world. Facebook helps users to communicate with friends and family, but this thing has changed into something else. Most of the people use Facebook to find new friends and connect to those people they don’t even know, and this ends in blocking the account or having temporary or permanent restriction for the accounts. Some people are even addicted to Facebook, and they start their day with Facebook and sleep with the same.

People get tired of using the same thing again and again, and the same has started to happen with Facebook. Recent survey (in USA) has given a come out that Facebook are loosing its users, and many people prefer YouTube to Facebook. They Survey what was conducted in the USA in November 2013 has given the result that USA teens (14-18 years old) gives the first priority to YouTube among all social networks, and they love to watch videos on YouTube instead being on Facebook for hours. It’s not only teens, but young people in the USA (19-24 years old) prefer YouTube as well though it’s just 1% higher than Facebook. Facebook has most of the regular users aged between 24-34 years. They use Facebook to promote their businesses or blogs.


There are some funny things about Facebook that is so strange. Some people update each and every thing they do, like having a shower, having breakfast or dinner, personal life etc. When you update your status, I am kicked by my Dad, someone will press like, you say that “you are sad or your mobile is lost” and the people will like the status. Users don’t even know what to like and what not to. Seems like you are all around full of stupid users who are in the habit of liking anything without caring or reading what you are up to?

Note to Users: Using Facebook is not bad as it connects you with your family, friends and loved ones, but when you write anything, please think about it. Putting the personal stuff might make you to feel confortable at times, but the same deeds might be the reason of a broken relation or quarrel in future.

Play Safe, Be Happy!