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Catchy Phrases

If you are working in sales, you know how hard it is to attract more customers. Dealing with customers don’t work without Catchy Phrases, do they? Whether it’s online deal or face-to-face, you need to be smart to make your customer believe that they is getting a good thing, and it involves very less or no risk. If the business is new, you should do some research and google it. It will help you to list your product in well manner, that will boost the sale eventually.

What are Catchy Phrases ?

Catchy Phrases are the statement that are true, but there is a catch in it. You can’t mention something that you don’t provide or offer. If you do so, it will be a complete lie, and you will drive your customers away for sure. You must have seen many offers where they mention an offer, put a * mark on it, and at the bottom, in very tiny letter they write “Terms and conditions apply”.

For example : You are offering YouTube Video Converter App. You can put a catchy phrase on the website, like Download for free. With free download, you can give users option to convert a limited numbers / duration of video for free, and then ask them to be a Pro customer. This is not likely all free users would like to upgrade to Pro version, but many will do. You have made a software, 1 users try or 100 users, it won’t harm you, but those who upgrade will benefit your for sure.

Here are some Catchy Phrases that you can use depending on the business you run or product you sale. Some of them are not catchy, but they still help to sale more products

  • Send your offer / Contact Us
  • Download for free / Try for Free
  • Cancel Anytime / Leave Anytime
  • No Advance / Upfront Payment / Pay Nothing
  • Choose a Plan that suits you / Get a Customized Plan
  • Get Free Sample / Free Demonstrate
  • Talk to a specialist if need help
  • Delivers within 24 hours
  • Limited Numbers / Quantities available
  • Limited Discount Offer
  • On Sale
  • No Question asked
  • 24 X 7 customer service / Call Anytime
  • Free consultation
  • Act Now
  • Get a free gift
  • Exclusive offer
  • Reserve Now
  • Try us before your pay

There are many more, and you can also make your own Catchy Phrases. Keep it simple, and don’t lie. One dissatisfied customer will drive many customer or users away. These days forums of very popular, and there are billions of users who read forum posts. They discuss the issue on the forum, and make more customers dissatisfied (even they have never tried your service or product).

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